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Oregon Visit

Over the long Labor Day weekend, Elizabeth and I were the well-treated guests of Mary Sillick (Elizabeth's aunt), in Eugene, Oregon. It was a relaxing trip, with visits around the University of Oregon and Eugene, the local pools, and Mary's comfortable backyard. The highlight of the trip was an overnight camping trip to Lake Waldo, about 60 miles southeast of Eugene. I've attached some pictures from that trip.

There seems to be similar themes to camping. First and foremost, it is a good chance to bond with your fellow campers, as it requires working to common goals and experiencing the same events. There seems to be a level of mild discomfort, as one does not have all of the luxuries of modern life. (The discomforts mostly include cold and lack of bathrooms and showers.) It also seems like it is easier to lay aside the abstract struggles of day-to-day life, as there is physical work to do and (of course) amazing sights to see in nature. Camping is not hard, nor does it have to be out in the bare-bones deep wilderness, but it does have its attractions. It's not for every day, but I've never regretted any of my camping trips.

Our tent set up, in the Shadow Bay campground of Lake Waldo.
Elizabeth and Aunt Mary preparing the campsite meal. Somehow, campsite coffee always tastes better.
Exploring the lake shore, with Waldo the dog. Waldo is a very sturdy and intelligent standard poodle.
A canoe on the lake. The lake had amazingly clear water. I don't know the people in the canoe, but I thought it was a great shot. Unfortunately, I was a bit quick on the draw, and ended up with a crooked horizon. On top of that, one of the canoers said to the other: "Did that guy just take our picture?"
Mary and Waldo playing in the water.
More explorations of the environs. I thought that we were very fortunate with our campsite, as it was close to the shore, bathrooms, and the trails around the area. Not bad, for a Labor Day without reservations.
As the sun set, the site became cold. In my hierarchy of values, that is a small price to pay for the amazing view of the stars.
A view of the lake, from the shore nearest our campsite.
Waldo waits patiently for the ladies to awaken.
A good-looking couple.
Another nice picture of us, courtesy of Aunt Mary.



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Hi Jeff, what a wonderful report on the campout. What? No comments on the s'more bake-off? I loved having you both visit. Taa-taa

Thanks for letting us in on the fun. It looks like a great place to camp and listen to the world. I agree, that is a very handsom couple.

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