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Christmas 2007

Elizabeth and I headed to the comfortable environs of Niwot, Colorado for our winter vacation, from December 23, 2007 through January 1, 2008. At the home of her parents, we celebrated Christmas and New Years. It was fun to be part of their Christmas traditions. Since there were so many (adult-aged) people around for the gift-opening, it took nearly all day! Quite a celebration. Attendees included Elizabeth and me, her parents Janice and Richard, her aunt Mary Frances, her brother Chris and his girlfriend Amy, her brother Greg and his wife Nicole, and her brother Andrew.

There were many other activities while we were there. Of course, most vacation days are orientated around meals, and there always seemed to be something tasty. We made use of the Longmont health club, to try to work off the ridiculous amount of food. I used cross-country skis for the first time, and there were occasions that I could almost imagine that could possibly be a very efficient form of transportation. We enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee at the Winot Coffee Company. We visited Elizabeth's brother Greg and his wife Nicole, in his new auto repair business. The mellower evenings involved watching the Season 2 DVD's of The Office and reading Alan Greenspan's autobiography.

December 30 was our second anniversary! (See wedding pictures here, and here for our first anniversary.) We celebrated with a lavish dinner at the Greenbriar Inn, a lovely restaurant near the mountains. Interestingly, one of the highlights of the meal was the cheese plate with dessert... Lots of delicious choices.

Before we left for Colorado, Elizabeth and I opened up the many wonderful presents that we received from afar.
Ornaments for next year's tree!
Elizabeth making cookies in Colorado. This was only possible due to Richard fixing the oven.
We visited Greg in his new auto repair shop.
The lighting on the house in Colorado had been professionally installed.
Richard telling a story at the breakfast table, Christmas morning.
I hear that ladies dig the karoke.
The Christmas dinner.
More dinner pics.
The Borlik Christmas, at my parents house, including my most furry cousin.
Mary Frances and I rented cross-country skis, and used them on trails in the neighborhood. These dogs seemed to enjoy our passage.
Elizabeth and I celebrated our second anniversay at the Greenbriar Inn on New Years Eve. It was an exciting drive, as the restaurant is located in the dark windy areas between Boulder and Longmont, at the foot of the mountains.
Elizabeth had ordered a gift basket from Harry and David, which included delicious pears.



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Lovely! We were just a few miles down the road (as in the past) for the holiday, too.

I know we've been super-lame and haven't visited recently. Hopefully I'll try to figure out something soon. Late February is looking less busy (for me, at least; John's going to hopefully be busy heading back to work after 3 months of picketing!).

Howdy Jeff - Thanks for posting something I could follow. My Arts and Letter brain can't handle some of that other material! Hope all is well and give our regards to Elizabether (2 years already - phew!!)


John and Sarah

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