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Bathroom, Part 2: Days 4 and 5

The saga of the bathroom reconstruction continues. I've attached some pictures from Thursday and Friday night.

Day 4: The new shower will have a built in seat. This was the framing of it.
Construction of the new pocket door, between the bathroom and the bedroom
More of the pocket door construction. This required removing both sides of the bedroom/bathroom wall.
Inside the pocket door. This will never be seen again.
The shower will have a built-in shelf for soap and shampoo.
Day 5: The bathroom / bedroom wall facings were remade.
Some of the new floor tiles were laid. The color isn't exactly right, because of the thick (choking) layer of dust.
More tiles. The grout wasn't put between the tiles yet.
I also procured a new showerhead. It looks cool, and it should even be better once I remove the flow limiter. The man will not prevent me from taking a good shower.



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that is an amazing shower head.

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