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Upgrading to new MovableType version

I've taken the plunge and upgraded to the latest version of MovableType. There are a couple of useful new features in this version, including new/better plugins and improved comment moderation. I've had a lot of problems with annoying comment spammers, so I think that I need to take steps.

Comments are always welcome, but now they will take a little while before they appear on the blog. Your comments will appear immediately if you register with TypeKey.

Let's see how this works out. If it becomes too annoying, I can open up the comment permissions a bit more.



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I just want to comment, to see what happens.

Another comment test

I went onto typekey and registered but the e-mail confirmation never went through. I'm entering this comment to see if it makes any difference. So another test I guess.

Very sexy new look! Let's see if this new comment spam protector will work, while I'm at it...

Mike's comment is APPROVED.

This comment is from my TypeKey identity, after fixing some problems with the Perl script.

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