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Google IPO (postscript)

I ended up putting a little bit of money into the Google IPO, via my discount broker (ETrade). I'm very pleased with the IPO results (shares purchased at $85 are now over $100). Some post-game analysis can be found at Marginal Revolution, a good economics blog.

The quick "pop" of the shares makes me somewhat itchy to sell, but I do continue to think that Google is a good company fundamentally, especially with its current position on the internet. (See my earlier thoughts.)

I believe that the Dutch auction was a great success, especially for small investors (like myself) that are not Wall Street insiders, and for Google itself. I found it fascinating that people were calling the Dutch auction a failure, but I still believe that Google itself reaped more per share than they would have if they would have let the underwriters handle the pricing. I wonder if much of the pre-IPO spin was due to Wall Street underwriters fearing the loss of their special privileges.

Congratulations, Google team! And use my money well...



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