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PP2One, next version

I've updated my PowerPoint-to-OneNote import program PP2One, to be able to run with the release version of OneNote SP1. I highly recommend all OneNote users to get SP1, as it seems to fix a number of errors.



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Great program!


Any chance of getting a command line version? I'd LOVE to be able to automate the process of PPT -> OneNote conversion...

Something like
PP2One.exe -in MyPPT.ppt -out MyOne.one -slide -notes

This would allow one of my faculty members to upload a ppt file, have it converted without any human intervention, and automatically made available on a website for our students.

Thanks in advance!

FYI - When converting PPTs that have PNG images, the transparent part of the image is shown as white...

Regarding the PNG issue... it's odd, only _some_ of the PNGs show white backgrounds. Not sure why...

The PNG issue is completely controlled by PowerPoint. PP2One uses the PowerPoint API functions to export the slides as Windows metafiles. I wonder if the PowerPoint PNG support differs from version to version.

I have been using this program for Med School with my wife. However I have discovered a problem. We share our notes together and on occassion after we have scrolled down 2-3 slides and go back the powerpoint slide shifts and all of our notes to the side and anything we drew on the slide is now off. I do not have this problem when I individually cut and paste from power point. If you have anyway of fixing this and updating the program please let me know. Thanks

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