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England Trip

Last year, I spent about about a month in England, mostly on business. That was the first time that I had been abroad, and really the first time that I spent significant time in any country other than the United States.

This is one picture from that trip, taken on Friday, September 6, 2002. The location is Barton Bradstock, a small town about 20 miles south of Yeovil, on the English Channel, in Somerset. The wind and waves complemented the young hiking lady that I met upon the path. I had hoped to hike further along the coast that day. Unfortunately, the drive had taken much longer than I had expected. Twenty miles along LA's 405 freeway can zip by, while twenty miles through hedge-rows and single-lane villages requires much more effort! Next time, I will plan ahead and make a day of it. Still, dinner in a local pub was excellent. The service was excellent, and all three of the waitresses seemed to take turns inquiring about my meal. Perhaps it was a local custom. Or maybe they just wanted to hear a midwestern-US accent. In all, though, I felt welcome throughout the areas I traveled in England.

This picture shows the view from my room in the King's Arms inn, in the village of Montecute. The town of Yeovil is surrounded by small villages, including Montecute. These villages seem to be ageless (in the sense that they are old beyond counting): A shock to the boy who grew up in a fast-growing area of Indiana and lives in Los Angeles! Montecute House, basically across the street from the King's Arms, was a stately manor from the 16th century. Montecutus, the hill immediately behind the inn, was the site of a Roman garrison. The countryside has seem human inhabitants for many centuries, and seen mankind rise from simple hunter-gatherers to the complex mostly-scientific society we have now. (Where next, brothers? What land will we make our own? Will we change as much as we have since our feet first trod the mud of merry old England?)

I may post more about that trip, as I have many pictures. (London, in particular, begs for text and pictures.) This trip whetted my appetite for traveling, and I hope to soon share more stories.



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