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Bathroom, Part 3: Days 6 through 10

Well, much progress was made last week on the bathroom but there is still a lot to do. A history and some pictures below.

  • Day 6-8 (Monday through Wednesday): Tiling. It looks like the majority of the shower and floor tiling is complete.
  • Day 9 (Thursday): Although the construction guys were here, I do not know how long, and I did not see any progress.
  • Day 10 (Friday): They started work on the ceiling (cutting out holes for the new vent and lights).

There is still lots to do: The installation of the shower door, the installation of the vanity and medicine cabinets, finishing the ceiling and lights, and repainting.

Previous pictures: Days 1-3 and Days 4-5.

Day 6: The soap/shampoo hole, already in use.
Framing of the shower bench.
Day 7: The shower floor tiles were added.
Two of the three walls are pretty much done. Note that the soap hole got its tiles, and that each of walls got a little tile decoration. The decorations are not as big as I thought that they would be, but are a nice subtle touch.
Day 8: The other wall and bench seem complete. It looks quite nice, really.
Day 10: Holes in the ceiling, for the new fan/light assembly. I wonder how the previous hole will be covered up.



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The new bath is going to be gorgeous!!and and should feel terrific!!. I wish you many happy showers in it.
PS: I LOVED the kayaking pics too.

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