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Summer trip to Indiana

With some scenes very similar to 31st Birthday, Elizabeth and I spent a very pleasant week with my family in Indiana. We celebrated the Fourth Of July, my birthday (several times), and, well, we celebrated anything that we could think of.

One of the benefits of visiting the folks is the food. My dad made up several batches of fresh salsa (need the receipe). Lots and lots of vegetables. My grandpa made some tasty pork chops, and the grill was used.

Elizabeth, my sister Emily, and I made the trip to Notre Dame. Elizabeth swam in the fine Rolfs pool, while Emily and I did a 5.2 mile run around campus followed by some weightlifting. With the good food, rest, exercise, and time spent outdoors, I think that I came out of the vacation healthier.

A view of my parent's backyard.
My parents relaxing on the deck.
We built a fire, and toasted marshmallows.
On the Fourth of July, my aunts, uncle, and cousins visited. This was one of my birthday cakes for the season.
We also went to my grandfather's house, for dinner and yet another birthday cake.
Elizabeth and I, on my proper birthday, back home in Los Angeles.



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