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Getty Villa

Elizabeth and I hadn't visited the Getty Villa here in Los Angeles since it had reopened, so it was about time. Actually, I had wanted to go last month, but I hadn't realized that one needs tickets in advance. (The tickets are free, but it took about a month before we could get a weekend time.)

The Villa is set up like an archaeological dig, with patrons entering from the top of the canyon above the main museum. I imagine that this was due to the limits of the plot of land: The villa is situated in a fairly small canyon. The architecture, as with the Getty Center, is almost more interesting than the exhibits themselves. That said, I enjoy statues, and the Greek and Roman period, so it was a very pleasant afternoon. Pictures attached below.

Not the Getty Villa, but a picture from last week: Elizabeth and I playing with the Valentine's Day gift ribbons (from a gift from Uncle Bob and Aunt Norine).
The entry to the Getty Villa is about a mile north of Sunset, along PCH. It is a quick right turn, easy to miss.
The majority of the exhibits are in the villa house itself (seen here). One of the most pleasant parts of the place is the Outer Peristyle, which includes this large reflecting pool with statues.
Us, about to jump into the cool water.
Most of the statues had eyes painted in. I suppose that this is authentic.
It was a beautiful day out, and the villa has a good mix of indoor and outdoor places.
The East Garden was a quiet spot after the somewhat loud galleries.
This fountain in the East Garden was a replica of a fountain in Pompeii.
Looking through the main villa house from the East Garden to the amplitheatre. Roman houses had two open axes. This is one, while the Outer Peristyle sat along the orthogonal axis.
The Romans grew their own herbs, and the Getty herb garden had pools that contained aquatic plants.



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