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Monetizing My Five Hits Per Day

Does a blog such as this, which is really just viewed by my wife and my parents (when don't have better things to look at on the internet), really need to be wired up with Google AdSense? Probably not. But, well, it was something that I've been meaning to do, and it was easy enough to fit into my MovableType templates. Hopefully, it will at least be unobtrusive, and maybe even be relevant/useful. (The "link units" on the individual entry pages take you to Google pages with more results, and I hold out the most hope for those.)



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I, for one, will click on any link that leads to time-share condo opportunities.

Jeez, thanks, John. With your comment, I'll probably start seeing advertisements for vacation rentals or companies that will help me find the easiest way to sell my timeshare for cash.

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