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Office 12 Beta-testing

So I am working with the Office 12 Beta. The two programs that I use the most, Excel and OneNote, have some interesting new features.

This is just a test-blog, though, as OneNote has a direct-to-blog publishing feature.

  • I use OneNote for most of my notetaking activities, and I would like to do more with it.
  • I use Excel for most of my light-to-moderate-load analytical work.
  • At work, my major project involves a program that uses both Visio and Excel to do complex and interesting things. I will probably need to familiarize myself with some of the new user-interface conventions within Office (i.e. the Ribbon).
  • I write most of my papers in Word. (I remember the days after grad school in which I longed for LaTex .)
  • PowerPoint is ubiquitous, of course, and I spend about a quarter or so of my time at work preparing or presenting PowerPoint presentations.

Here is some indented text.


Here is a picture:



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