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Easter Weekend

It seems appropriate to celebrate the springtime, as the fertile earth brings forth a new growth. Elizabeth and I enjoyed a warm and sunny LA weekend by walking through our neighborhood, driving on Pacific Coast Highway, and cooking a delicious dinner. Yes, there are more food pictures attached.
Food for the dinner.
Before we eat.
The full plate. Clockwise (from the top): Macaroni and cheese, tabouleh salad, mixed greens with tomato and shallot in a mustard viniagrette, salmon florentine (courtesy of Whole Foods).
The chef.
Thousands of dollars worth of orthodontia attacking a cherry pie. Apparently, the photographette was laughing too hard to keep the camera steady.
Sundeck on top of our townhouse. Currently empty, it is a potential location for an herb garden. This is a view of the southeast corner of the little deck.

Spring is for planting. We are considering putting in an herb garden (as alluded to in the picture above), as it seems easy enough (from the perspective of "keeping plants alive") and would provide a fresh of taste in our meals. It would be nice to use the sundeck space, as it is currently wasted. The two biggest risks (I cannot help think like a program manager) are the discipline of maintenance (which I rate the likelyhood as "yellow" and a severity as "red") and the danger of the intense direct sunlight damaging the plants ("yellow"likelyhood and "yellow" severity).

Some useful sites seem to be BBC's directions for a potted herb garden, a content-rich set of questions and answers at Recipe Goldmine, and maybe the DIY network.



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I just love the food shots. Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. And Betsy I envy your thick head of hair.

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