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Air Force Museum

I was in Dayton, Ohio, for a presentation to the Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and had a little time to explore the nearby United States Air Force Museum. This free museum had over 300 historic aircraft. The exhibits focused on military aircraft, of course. The museum also had an IMAX theatre and additional development hangar (possibly with a B-2), but I did not have enough time to explore those.
Statue outside of the museum, honoring Korean War veterans (I think).
The museum was divided into three major areas: Early years, World War II, and Modern. This was in the early years section, as might be guessed. The museum used mannequins to depict the people working around the aircraft. At first, I thought that was kind of silly, but it does give some idea about the scale of the aircraft and the way that people interact with it.
Another early year aircraft.
A mockup of the F22. This was in the modern aircraft section, as might be guessed, because the F22 is just about to enter active service.
We were allowed to walk around in the interior of a Douglas C-124C (Globemaster). That aircraft was used to transport equipment during the Korean War. I do not believe that the actual aircraft had handrails, to keep the soldiers from stumbling.
The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress was a big ugly fat fellow. It's wing span was 185 ft, and it weighted 450,000 lbs loaded. This one flew missions over Vietnam.
The "Bockscar" was a very interesting aircraft in the World War 2 section. This was the aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagaski (August 9, 1945). It is a Boeing B-29 Superfortress.



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