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Getty Center

It was a warm and sunny day today in Los Angeles, with temperatures in the 80's and a cloudless sky. (I suppose that it isn't a very unusual occurrence, as weather reports show.) We decided to enjoy the day by spending some time at the Getty Museum, which overlooks west LA. The Museum has beautiful architecture and gardens, as well as interesting artwork. I took some pictures, for your enjoyment.
We left from Santa Monica. Elizabeth's apartment, on the strand, has a good view of the Santa Monica pier and the Malibu hills.
Admission into Getty Center is free, with a $5 charge for parking. After riding a tram up to the museum, you can wander through the white marble halls or relax in a central courtyard. I assume that the architects chose to use a tram, in order help museum go-ers separate themselves from their regular worlds (i.e. their cars). The architecture is worth the trip in itself.
Elizabeth and I. Sometimes, I even open my eyes.
Another fountain in the central courtyard. There is 1.2 million square feet of the white travertine stone.
The gardens had a number of these fixtures. Someday, they will provide excellent shade.
The central garden is centered around a pool of azaleas.
Flower blossom, in the Getty garden.
The pool, looking south. The hill in the distance is the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
A stream runs down, from the entry hall, to the garden.
The tram ride down provides some good views of the mighty 405 freeway. The northbound looked okay, but the southbound side was pretty slow. (Back to reality.)



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