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Christmas Wish List 2003

My family and I have gift exchanges on Christmas. I've attached my wish list on this blog, to make it easier to transmit. Please note that this only covers a small part of what I want... Unfortunately, the stuff that I need most (time, inspiration, improved cognative function) are not acceptable candidates for gifts. I have to apologize for the shortness of the list. I will attempt to add more to it, especially when I dig up my reading list.
  • Clothes
    • Long-sleeve knit shirts.† Size: Large.† Suitable for work.
    • Flat-front Docker-style pants (for work).† Size 33-32.
    • Blue jeans. Dark blue. Size 33-32. (NOT 32-32, unfortunately.)
    • Socks for running
    • Black socks
    • A pair of dress shoes.† Black.† Size 11.
    • Boxers.
    • A pair of dress shoes.† Black.† Size 11.
  • Electronic Toys
    • Weather station that can be linked to my Linux server.† Something like the Oregon Scientific WM-918.† See http://www.wxdiscounts.com/caprhowest.html or http://www2.oregonscientific.com/wired forweather/wm918.html .† It might be interesting to gather weather data for my area, and possibly run certain weather-prediction models (like http://www.mmm.ucar.edu/mm5/mm5-home.html ).† More critically, I want to start gathering more data about traffic conditions in Los Angeles.† (It would be fun and useful to develop statistical traffic models for the 405 North.)
    • Some sort of headphones or earphones.† I have been disappointed with all of the sets of headphones that I have ever owned or used.† A highly-recommended high-end earphones are the Shure e5c set (info can be found at http://www.shure.com/earphones/eseries_e5c.asp) .† The Sennheiser HD 477 headphones are also well-regarded.
    • Memory expansion card for the Palm Tungsten T3.† The thing supports SD and SDIO cards.† I eventually want to be able to play MP3ís on my PDA.† While memory cards are more versile, Palm also sells a MP3 Audio Kit (http://www.palmone.com/us/products/ accessories/expansioncards/ ).
    • One of my projects in the next year will be the linkage of my LAN with my entertainment center (i.e. stereo equipment and TV).† One component that can do the job is the Xbox gaming system (http://www.xbox.com/) from Microsoft.† Additional equipment can be soldered on to enable it to run arbitrary software (a process called modding).
    • Roomba Robotic Floor Vacuum.† http://www.roombavac.com/products/† Finally, a mostly-autonomous vacuum cleaner!
  • House
    • A three-hole punch of my very own.
    • Coffee grinder, or possibly a mortar/pestle set.
    • Corkscrew, or some way of removing wine corks.
    • Soldering kit.
    • Artwork for my walls
    • I would like to fix up my loft.† (It will probably be one of my goals for next year.)† Iím not sure how to proceed with it. It gets quite warm up there during the summer, and gets lots of light throughout the year (the south wall is a patio door).† It might be pleasant to make it a private reading area, with a couple of comfortable chairs and a bookshelf.† It is kind of small (about 7í x 8í).† Ideas would be appreciated.
    • Similarly, I would like to improve my outdoor patio.† I need outdoor patio furnature, a grill, and plants or something.† Ideas would be appreciated.† I have considered putting tile down outside, perhaps in some interesting pattern.† I have also considered making an automatic watering system for any plants out there, as I have had trouble remembering to water them.
  • Media
    • CDís. A list will be added in the near future.
    • Books. I recently purchased "Quicksilver" by Neal Stephenson, so that would not be a good gift for me.† (Maybe it would be good for others, though, as it was entertaining.)† Most of the time, I enjoy hard SF (science fiction, not fantasy). A better list of books will be added in the near future. I live within walking distance of a Borders.
      • Year's Best SF 8 - edited by Hartwell
      • Ben Bova and Greg Bear are two authors that I like but do not possess many books
      • Godel, Escher, Bach - by Hofstadter. A review is here.
      • Master and Margarita - by Bulgakov. Amazon. Paperback, please
      • Guns Germs and Steel - by Diamond. homepage here.
    • DVDs. I prefer widescreen format.† Some movies that I would like to acquire include "The Two Towers" (special edition) and others. A list will be added in the near future.
    • Magazines. I read Scientific American.
    • Computer games. I've been playing "Neverwinter Nights", so the two expansion packs might be fun.



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I want to be in your family! You apparantly give nice gifts. ;)

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