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Mexico Cruise, part 2

The previous entry showed pictures from the start of our two-day voyage from Los Angeles to Ensenada, on the Royal Caribbean cruise line. This entry has pictures from the second half of the trip (Saturday and Sunday).

The big ship, the Monarch of the Seas, was docked in Ensenada, Mexico, when we awoke on Saturday. It cost $2 to take a shuttle to the downtown area, and $1 to get the shuttle back. We did not take any of the optional tours, as they would have been an extra $30 per person.
Large gold busts of important Mexican politicians.
The Carnival Ecstasy was also docked in Ensenada. They have a similar three day tour. While that may be cheaper, most reviews seemed to indicate that Royal Caribbean provides a better cruise. I can't judge that, but I can say that our cruise was quite good.
The author, in Ensenada. Notice the stop signs, which were mysteriously spelled "ALTO".
Elizabeth at the ship pool.
The captain of the ship, during his "welcome aboard" speech. The ship contained a large concert hall, which could fit all of the passengers.
The Saturday night dinner was formal, so we slipped into our evening wear and presented ourselves to the photographers.
They took pictures of us at the dinner table, too. The food was usually decent, and very plentiful. The service really stood out, though, as any request was quickly and cheerfully met.
Elizabeth and I, in our cabin, after the formal dinner. Notice the reflections in the mirror. It's like two pictures in one.
The last night, we were treated to a strange little towel animal on our bed.
On Sunday, we were returned to the real world. We had only one bag each and carried them ourselves, so we were able to walk off the ship without having to wait.

It was a fun trip and an excellent way to see new sites together.



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Beautiful pictures. A trip like that is lots of fun. Hope to do a lot of them in the next couple years.

you and elizabeth make a handsome couple in your formal wear :-)

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