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Mount Saint Mary's

Several weekends ago, my girlfriend and I went swimming at Mount Saint Mary's College. Elizabeth is an alumna, as she received her nursing degree there. She often swims at their pool, and I took the opportunity to see the inner-workings of a woman's college.

Because the campus is in the hills, we were above the low-level (sm/f)og of the city. The surroundings include chaparral-filled canyons. I've hiked in the nearby Santa Monica mountains extensively, and find it surprising that a sliver of wilderness can be found in the middle of one of the most populated areas in the United States.

The approach to Mount Saint Mary's College, through Brentwood, along Bundy Drive. The campus must have been purchased quite a while ago, as the land now must be valuable. The houses along the approach were very well-kept and sizable, but their value probably lies in the good neighborhood. (Location location location)
The campus had nice landscaping. The pool, too, was well-maintained. It was relaxing to be in a less-populated pool, as it was not so apparent that I cannot swim very well. Of course, Elizabeth swam circles around me, but that was to be expected. This can be contrasted with other local pools, in which I thought that the lifeguards regarded me as the greatest risk in the pool. (That said, I believe that the best way to learn something is to be around people who are good at it.)
The main gates of the campus. There are about 2000 students (including graduate students).



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Mount St Mary's is a beautiful place. i like the pictures. Have a great time on the cruise.

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