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Blog Upgrades

It is somewhat embarrassing that I haven't written anything in such a long time. Today, however, I've upgraded to Movable Type 2.64. I've also moved the sidebar to the left side (in case you haven't noticed). I had hoped to accomplish that without the use of HTML tables, but I wasn't happy with the use of DIV tags and CSS. I know, I know, layout tables are depreciated by the W3 standards, but I just wanted to move the sidebar.

The monthly archives were updated, to output comments and trackbacks, too. (Previously, comments did not show up.) I used Andrew Pearson's MTEntryIfTrackbacks and Stepan Riha's MTEntryIfComments plugins.

I also upgraded the individual entry archives, so that they display the Trackback links, as well as the comments. There have been several interesting Trackbacks recently, most notably to the MT-MostVisited Plugin and Icehouse Canyon entries. Thanks for all of the interest.



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Cool Site. I like your most visited plugin, any idea's how to make it work on IIS.

Anil - It depends upon the Apache::ParseLog Perl module, to look through the webserver access logs. It might work for IIS logs, if IIS can output in the same format as Apache. (Quite possible, I think, but I'm not an IIS guru.)

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