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Elizabeth at the Pool

Elizabeth recently had a magazine article accepted, and the editors wanted a picture of her, at the pool, to go along with it. On the weekends, she swims at Santa Monica College, which has an excellent pool (recently built). So, on Sunday (May 4), I took my camera and we had a little bathing-suit photo session. (I swam a couple of laps, too, but my skills are nowhere close to hers. I can splash around a bit, and avoid drowning, but I cannot slide through the water like a sleek sea-creature.)

Continue to view several pictures.

Sitting on the platform, before getting wet.
Slightly overexposed, or rather (as it was a digital camera), slightly oversaturated. But the subject matter shines through.
A view of the beautiful Santa Monica College pool.
An action photo.
At the edge, after several laps. Look at those strong arms.



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What wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for making them available to all of us.

Hey Jeff, these are delightful pics. Ah, sunny CA and my sunny neice. Thanks. A'Fran

Those are gorgeous! Have you got Photoshop? The one that's oversaturated/overexposed is a phenomenal picture, and the colors could be improved with just a couple of tweaks.

Hi Jeff,
The pictures are great. From the smiles,one can tell just how much she enjoys being photographed and seeing how well she is looking. Thanks for making this happen.

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