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It would not be appropriate to let this day go by without some note. America and her allies go to war.

There are a couple of good reasons NOT to go to war. First, it is expensive, and those resources could go to other causes. Second, there will be a loss of human life that should not be condoned.

On the other hand, Iraq is a dictatorship, and as the torch-bearer for freedom, we have the right to clean out slave pits. The Iraqi military has chemical and biological weapons (at least they did during the first Gulf War), and they have publically declared themselves our enemy. And even if that government doesn't use them, it will eventually collapse (as all dictatorships do) and could then fall into even worse hands. To back down would to concede moral authority to a lesser society.

The question is moot, in some sense. Tanks, missles, and bombers have the only say, now. May liberty prevail. May this be over with quickly.



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