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Neighborhood Pictures

The rainstorms moved out of Los Angeles this morning, and the air had the crisp coolness of the San Gabriels at 8000 ft. I took my digital camera along on my run, because I wanted to capture some pictures of my neighborhood. I am not a photog, or even a photographer, but here they are.

dsc00193_500.jpg This is a statue of a nude running dude, on Wilshire. I didn't take the picture from the other angle, in order to keep my site from degenerating into porn.


The houses in my neighborhood usually have very well-kept yards. I've always admired the landscaping at this house.


They are resurfacing one of the roads. The cool mountain-brought air started to smell like hot tar. Which is kind of pleasant, too.


Shadows on the sidewalk. Screw you, Plato, it tells me SOMETHING.


The internal alley of my condo complex.



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