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Personality Test

While browsing around the web today, I happened across some Keirsey personality testers. These should probably be taken with a grain of salt, of course, as there are more than 16 types of personalities out there in the world.

According to these tests, I am either an "INTJ" or an "INTP". The various descriptions of these categories seem about right.

I took three web-based personality tests.

The first was at the bloginality site. The number of questions was small, and very generic. It told me that I was a an "INTJ", but I was somewhat unsatisified with this, due to the "low resolution" of the questions.

The second test was at the advisorteam site, and consisted of about 70 questions. That site required a registration, and asked some current events questions afterwards. Furthermore, they didn't output the full results of the test. (Pay $15, and let someone tell you who you are.) They did say that I was a "Rational", i.e. someone with an "NT" group. No, really?

The third, and IMHO best, was at the humanmetrics site. This was also a 70 question test. There was much more interesting output, including a ranking of how "expressed" (in the genetics way) I am in each category. Results:

  • moderately expressed introvert (28%)
  • distinctively expressed intuitive personality (67%)
  • very expressed thinking personality (78%)
  • moderately expressed judging personality (33%)

That apparently means that I am a strong Rational (NT), but somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert (I and E), and somewhere between "judging" and "perceiving" (J and P). I don't know about the "extrovert" part... Most of my social interactions are with a group of close friends.

The INTJ type is known as "Mastermind". Some descriptions of that personality type are here and here. I think that I would like to be more like this.

The INTP type is also called the "Architect" type. Some descriptions are here and (more favorably) here. The second link even as a reference to Ayn Rand!

Anyway, in the words of Popeye (or to paraphrase the Judeo-Christian god) "I am who I am". And I am satisifed with the Rational label, especially since many of the historical personages that I admire are of the same type.



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