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September 09, 2007

Sillickfest 2007 and Autumn Adventures

Belatedly, I've attached some pictures from the August Sillickfest adventure. This was another fun week in upstate New York, at the refurbished Standing Pines camp (near Inlet).

I've enjoyed each of my trips up there. This time around, some of the activities involved getting used to the new setup. Elizabeth forced me to swim around the island three times (each on different days), but that was a record for me. The water was cool and clear. The 2006 trip is documented here, while 2005 (an important trip!) and 2003 are also available in the archives.

I've also attached a couple of pictures from a hike with some co-workers up Mount Baldy (August 11, immediately after returning fit-and-trim from New York). We took the Ski Hut trail, and descended straight down the bowl. It was a moderately difficult hike, and it was pleasant to be down off the mountain before dark.

On Saturday, some of us played basketball at Fern Park.
The group shot, taken on the "front steps" of the refurbished Standing Pines. The stairs are wide, and I am sure this is the first of many Sillickfest groups photos to be taken there.
The branch of the family that I am part of.
The Sillick siblings.
Moss Lake, where we went for a little hike.
Not a Sillickfest picture: The Baldy hike group. Left to right: Me, Andrew, Jim, (Derek?), Larry, Kath.
Not a Sillickfest picture: Instead of taking an established trail, we jumped straight down the Baldy bowl. Dusty, dangerous, fast, and a lot of fun.