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April 29, 2004

Elizabeth Swim Competition

Elizabeth participated in a swim meet on April 18, at Loyola Marymount college . She swam in the 100, 200, and 500 freestyle events, and took home ribbons in each. (She got 2nd, 1st, and 3rd, respectively, in her age group. Nice job!)

I played a critical role, by being her official lap counter.

Elizabeth, girded with swimcap and goggles, awaits the beginning of a race.
She advertises Southern California Aquatic Masters Club during the event. I suppose that it doesn't quite have the impact as a Nike sponsorship, but that's been done already.
The LMU pool is quite nice. The events were done in the shorter, 25 yard, direction.
The results up on the scoreboard. LMU should invest in a jumbotron-style scoreboard for their swimming events. Instant replays, gatorade commercials, etc.

The Truth Is...

Steven Den Beste makes some serious remarks. His remarks about the hypocrisy of the U.N. opposition to the invasion of Iraq are particularly interesting. Given the "Oil For Food" scandal, why does the U.N. have any credibility at all?

April 08, 2004

Rebuild Problems

This blog seems to be having some problems when rebuilding. I'll use this entry as a test. It seems to be related to the MTMostVisited plugin with some of the latest log files. (Old logfiles work okay, but the latest one has a problem.) I believe that it is related to a number of very long lines in the log files, which seem to look like buffer-overrun attacks on a WebDAV protocol (SEARCH). My webserver isn't vulnerable, but it is adding it to the log. Apache::ParseLog doesn't seem to be handling it correctly.

My solution is to run a little Perl script that cleans up the logs. This is kind of a workaround: It doesn't really prevent it from happening, and the server does not correct itself if it did. (Maybe I should "cron" the clean-up script or something.) A better solution would be to fix Apache::ParseLog so it doesn't give out when the goin' gets rough.

The script itself is very simple, and could even be condensed down to one line. (Note: I need to work on a better way of formatting code.)

#!/usr/bin/perl -w -i.bak

# Deletes lines longer than a specified amount

my $longest = "";
my $maxlen = 2000;
my $badlines = 0;

while (<>) {
if (length($_) > $maxlen) {
} else {
print STDERR "Bad lines = $badlines\n";